How is the Essay Competition Judged?

The essay competition is an integral part of a student`s life. However, national and international level get tougher than the average school or college essay. So here is a recap of how they are judged.

Focus: Are you focused? Every competition sets out a topic. So what do you have to do? Focus, understand the topic well. This is the first step.

What does the subject given require from you? What does it mean? What is its significance? Does it have regional, national, international, social, economic, environmental, political, or ethnic importance? Given your focus on the topic, you will need to do relevant research that helps you address all the questions asked within the subject. Ensure that you have addressed all the aspects asked for and your essay is a complete exploration of the subject within the word limit specified.


Content: Is the basic material of your assignment relevant to the topic given? Is it coherent and logical? Are the examples pertinent? Did your essay need case studies? Have you understood what type of examples the topic requires? Do you provide enough data to substantiate factual assertions? Is your data or use of example restrictive or limited in nature? Does this fit into the topic`s vision? Do you support your assertions with convincing and logical reasoning and substantiate them with examples?

How original are your ideas and style of writing? Do you come up with original suggestions and analytical insight into an issue? Do you have anything new to add to the topic?

Are you able to use external resources skillfully? What type of resources do you use? Are you able to account for them in the citations?

Structure: How have you structured your paper? Does it have the standard organizational format of introduction body conclusion? Is the length of the introduction and conclusion balanced with that of the rest of the document? Does the introduction provide both general and specific details about the topic given? Does it lead the audience into the body paragraphs in a logical manner, or are there transitional issues in the structure? The essay should not have a jumpy effect, where you jump form one point to another in a disconnected manner. Do the body paragraphs start with topic sentences? Do the topic sentences reflect their paragraph`s main idea/focus?


Word Choice: What type of words do you use? Do they capture the ideas or sound vague? Is the use of words in keeping with the nature of the topic? Do you use slang? This is a definite taboo. Are your words rich in images and impressions? Do they convey ideas in a strong and convincing manner?
Last but not the least, read the fine print carefully. Ensure that your essay fits all the rules and regulations so as to avoid being disqualified. Your success at the essay competition could pave the way for a wonderful writing career, if you are so inclined.

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